About Tim Mack

2004 Olympic Gold Meadlist

I am originally from Westlake, Ohio. I went to Malone University in Canton, Ohio, then transferred to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. I currently reside in Westlake, OH, and coach in Knoxville, TN.

In Athens, Greece in 2004, I jumped 19'6 1/4"(5.95m) for Olympic Gold. The jump was for an Olympic Record, a personal best and I cleared it on my 3rd attempt.

I can relate to every vaulter at every level from middle school beginners to the Elite athlete. I vaulted 13'6" in high school. I dont even have my high school record. I ended up becoming an NCAA Champion, USA Champion, and Olympic Gold Medalist.

Some facts about my career

  • Never made the state meet in high school
  • Was cut from the football team
  • Was not recruited to college until summer track at the end of my senior year.
  • Designed my own weight training workouts
  • Designed my own gymastics routines
  • Designed a lot of my own pole vault drills
  • Designed my own running workouts
  • Designed my own plyometric training workouts
  • Designed my own abdominal training workouts
  • Failed at making the Olympic Team 3 times
  • Made made my first Olympic Team at the age of 31
  • My coach was there mainly for pole vault workouts. I totally understood as he had a full time job and a family
  • Saw a sport psychologist consistently for the 6 years before I made my first Olympic Team
  • Did all my workouts (except vault workouts) on my own for 8 years before Olympics. Basically I was at the track on my own, I did gymnastics on my own, I did my weight training on my own, I did my plyometrics, abdominals, pole vault drills on my own…for YEARS! I was determined to be better than I was!